Yoga classes for kite & windsurfer on Boracay

Submitted by Simone on Fri, 10/16/2015 - 10:45

If you're a kiteboarder, windsurfer or just full of high-energy, a can't-sit-still kind of personality, sign yourself up for this custom made Yoga class at BORACAY YOGA. This yoga class has been adapted to all kite and windsurfers need and will make your time on the water more enjoyable. Yoga strengthens your muscles, improves flexibility and calms down your mind. Physically prepared and with a clear mind you will easily learn new moves and avoid any injuries while sailing. Reach your peak performance and sign yourself up for this custom made Yoga class at BORACAY YOGA or join our YOGA CAMP ++ No 3



Beautiful Boracay Island

Submitted by Simone on Mon, 10/05/2015 - 05:06

Best-selling author Rusty Young traveled to the Philippines for a weekend wedding. He is also the author of Marching Powder, soon to be release as a film. Rusty is from Australia and came as a windsurfer to Funboard Center Boracay and after a taken a full course he became addicted to kitesurfing and stayed four months at Bulabog on Boracay Island to work on his second book and to enjoy the beauty of Boracay Island. See what he's saying about Aisa's best wind and kitesurfing destination...