Windsurfing lessons on Boracay

Windsurfing courses at Funbaord Center Boracay for beginners, intermediate and advanced windsurfer.

Classes and training for windsurfing

Bulabog Beach is the perfect lagoon for beginner or advanced learners. The wind is blowing side-shore and brings each "escape" back onshore. The hip deep lagoon is perfect to learn beachstart and waterstart as well as all other manoevres. The breaking waves on the reef are inviting experienced windsurfers to jump.

2h introduction-class incl. equipment, kids  Php 2.250,-/ adults Php 3.200,-

This class is a perfect way to jump-start and to learn more about windsurfing. A short theoretical introduction will inform you about the equipment, wind conditions and shows you how to steer and control the sail. The practical part on the water will teach you the uphoul-start and how to cruise and keep the direction.

7h beginner-class incl. equipment, kids Php 9.900,-/ adults Php 11.500,-

After the theoretical introduction and a few dry runs we go straight on the water. Cruising without loosing ground and perfect tacks should give the windsurfer more confidence. From know on you are independent and without any fear you will cruise the water. For more fun and less physical strength we will show you the beachstart in shallow water and how to use the harness.

2h advanced-class excl. equipment, Php 4.000,-

These 2 hours will be tailored to particular needs of the experienced windsurfer. According to his personal demands, he can improve the beachstart or waterstart in deep water or learn how to use the harness and footstraps. Fast tack or speed jibe could be other learning targets. Max. 2 students

Private lessons, Php 2.300,-/hour

Some windsurfers only need small advices to improve the driving skills. Shifting the sail in the right moment can perfect you jibe and a correct footsteering will help you to be the fastest windsurfer on the water.