Café Tabou

Homemade cake as a great snack inbetween your kite or wundsurf session.Definitely a must, our Café Tabou! As we are always focused on high quality, we simply manage the production of the food on our own. We offer homemade bread from swiss wholemeal flour, our coffee specialities are made with Italian espresso, we breed our own yoghurt and our jam is homemade cooked with local fruits. Our fairie Mic Mic, Nini and Jenny from Café Tabou will serve you in best mood with fresh shakes, homemade cakes and the best sandwiches in the island.

Homemade breakfast at Funboard Center Boracay for all exhausted Kite and windsurfer.Kite and windsurfers preferred in-between meal at Funboard Center Boracay.

All crepes, cakes and brownies are produced daily and fresh and are famous even outside the island. On top of that, we have a daily lunch menu, with fresh ingredients from the local market, shopped daily at 6am from Markus, our food and beverage manager. And if there's nothing fresh on the market, we simply don't offer the daily lunch... But for sure, you will find something for your taste in our menu card... Looking forward for your visit!