Kitesurfing Team

Our kitesurf-team from Funboard Center Boracay connects Asia and the rest of the world: we are teaching kitesurfing in german, english, danish, french, russian and tagalog, the philippine national language.

Kiteinstructor Simone Vallantine at Funboard Center Boracay for the season 2016Simon Vallantine

New at Funboard Center Boracay, but not new at Bulabog Beach!!! Simon is an ocean and watersports enthusiast - happiest in and on the water. He is coming from a wave surfing background in Durban South Africa and started kitesurfing from the very beginning, when kite safety systems were very rudimentary. We met Simon already in 2004 at our surf centerl on Boracay. Wave riding is his greatest passion and kites are a fantastic way to get towed into some juicy waves. He has been teaching on and off from 2000 and owned a kite school in Switzerland. Apart from kitesurfing, windsurfing has become one of his favourite things to do.

Doque Delos Santos started kiteboarding 2004 on Boracay and belongs to the world class.Doque Delos Santos

Congrates! Doque has grown up on Boracay and started kiteboarding in 2004. These days he belongs to the world class and could secure the second place in Twin TIp Racing World Ranking 2014. This season he will join the team from Funboard Center Boracay and freestyle lover can join his advanced kite lessons.

Alexander is the new kite instructor at Funboard Center Boracay starting October 2014.Alexander

Long time ago Alexander got his degree in mathematics and worked for a big russian oil company in Moscow. Six years ago, when he was traveling to New Zealand, he saw people conected to kites sliding the water.  Since then he has been addicted to kitesurfing and he left  his job and career in megalopolis and became a kite instructor instead. Since 2 years he has been traveling around the world following the wind. He loves to share his passion and enjoys whatching the progress of his students. Alexander will join Funboard Center Boracay from early November 2014.

Kite-courses-at-funboard-center-boracay-with- IKO- certified- instructors.Simone

Since 2009 we also offer kiteboarding lessons at our school. All our instructors are fully certified and all of them have made their passion to their profession. Simone is a passionate windsurfer and has just found her enthusiasm for kiteboarding at the age of 40. Good to know: it's never too late!

Kiteboarding on Boracay - Palong grapPalong

Palong, also called "Crazy Dog", belongs to the family Delos Santos and has the same talent as his cousin Douque in kiteboarding. With less than 50 kilo body weight he has an easy game with all kinds of jumps and reaches huge air time.

Kiteboarding on Boracay - Glen ridingGlynn

Glynn is our youngest and a highly talented team member. He doesn't know any limits and his motto on the water is "try befor you die"...


During the last 4 season we were also supported by several amazing kite instructors. Thanks to Serkan, Clyde, Taner, Panoy, Flo and Martin.

Kiteboarding on Boracay - Serkan Kiteboarding on Boracay - Clyde Kiteboarding on Boracay - Taner

Kiteboarding on Boracay - Palong Kiteboarding on Boracay - FloKiteinstructor Martin was joining the team from Funboard Center Boracay in 2013/14.