Windsurfing on Boracay Island

Bulabog Beach - is Asia's best windsurfing spot

Gaastra windsurfing sesaon Boracay Philippines at Funboard Center.jpg Beginners and intermediate windsurfer prefer a good wind with a moderate swell. And you will find exactly these perfect conditions on Bulabog Beach. Hip deep water secures all beginners and helps to learn the beachstart and waterstart effortless during the classes. The flat water is a perfect playground to improve the jibe for all experienced windsurfer and when the tide runs back and the surface change as smooth as glass, freestyler perform their best and shows breath taking moves, while flipping the equipment around their own axis.

Funboard Center Boracacy meets Hawaii; increadable condition for windsurfing at Bulabog BeachWindsurfing lessons on Boracay Philippines with Gaastra sails and Tabou Boards.Our YOGA CAMP++ combines windsurfing lessons at Funboard Center Boracay. Early sunrise windsurfing at Bulabog Beach with Funboard Center Boracay. Chinese New year Asian's windsurfer meet at Funboard Center Boracay . With the Pure from Gaastra sails all jibes become a breeze.

The reef breaks the waves from the sea and delimits the Bulabog lagoon. The reef of the Bulabog Lagoon has passages where experts and freaks can surf out into the rough sea and jump as much and as high they can. The Funboard Center Boracay has always the newest windsurf equipment for all conditions available. As seen on the first picture above, the water running in from the open ocean will be broken by the reef and at high tide this results in great waves, which are happily used by good riders for some nice jumps. This picture has been made on one of the rare days with very strong wind (approx 35 knots). On most days we are enjoying wind conditions around 15-25 knots as show on the last picture at sunrise time in Bulabog.