Yoga classes for kite & windsurfer on Boracay

Submitted by Simone on Fri, 10/16/2015 - 10:45
Prepare your body and mind for a better perfomance in kite or windsurfing
The Yoga Camp ++ will improve the time on the water of all kite and windsurfer          With control into new moves after Yoga classes for kite and windsurfer at Boracay Yoga
 Yoga as a perfect complentary execise for all water sports

Kiteboarding and windsurfing require strong upper body strength to successfully manage these ambitious water sports in all conditions. At the same time choppy water, waves and smaller boards demanding balance and mobility. This has lead experienced and professional kite boarders and windsurfers to the practice of yoga as they jump, turn and twist themselves into all sorts of creative moves.

Kite and Windsurf instructor from Funboard Center Boracay practise Yoga for better performance.Boracay Yoga creates custom made yoga classes for all kite and windsurfer to bild up strength.




Did you ever try the Crow or Side Crow?

This asana ( posture) will definetly prepare all you need for your next kite or windsurfing session. The crow pose is a fantastic shoulder, arm and core strengthener while working on your balance. At Boracay Yoga the classes will focus on arm and core strengtheners while practicing the plank pose and a number of Chaturanges ( push up variations ). Shoulder openers or forward bends to increase flexibility and various twists to loosen and lengthen the spine will be introduced. All these movements will flow in sequence with a dynamic yoga style to improve stamina and endurance.

Prepare body and mind with Yoga for your nextkite or windsurf session with Boracay Yoga.
Balancing is the key to a better performance

Standing on one leg or even better on your head for at least five breath is quit a big challenge for most people but one of the best preperation for a successful wind or kitesurfing session. A strong core, great balance and able to focus the mind will increase time on the water and result in greater progress in improving sailing skills and learning new tricks. For more information regarding yoga classes, schedule and teachers contact our new website BORACAY YOGA

If you are still don't feel confident here are some more benefits...

• Feeling more flexible and fit than ever before
• More energy, endurance and confidence
• Strengthen your core
• Eliminate back pain
• Stretch and strengthen your shoulders
• Improve your performance
• Improve your mood and energy levels
• Lose excess weight and feel lighter on your feet'
• Preventing aches and pains in your back, shoulders, knees and hips
• Recovering quickly so you won’t miss any days on the water