YOGA CAMP++ combine yoga with kite and windsurfing

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Every windsurfer or kiteboarder knows this: Wanting more, but the body just says No! “Core stability”, “Stetching” & "Centering" are used regularly in Yoga. Being warmed up and well prepared increases our time on the water!

Yoga-Kite-and Windsurf Camp from 8. - 22. November 2014

Being warmed up and well prepared increases our time on the water! The Funboard Center  Boracay likes to optmize your time off shore and offers a 1 to 2 week Kite-Surf-Yoga Camp.  Like a modular system you can combine kite-or windsurfing with daily yoga. 1 week Kitesurf Yoga Camp including accommodation in REEF RETREAT, daily yoga and an 8h kite-or windsurfing course incl. equipment. The number of participants is limited. Book now to avoid missing out...



Early-bird discount for windsurfing holidays in November

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Benefit from our Early Bird discount and book your next windsurf holiday on Boracay! In November you pay only 1 week for 2 weeks windsurf rental


More Girls Power at Funboard center Boracay

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Yvonne is our new female kite instructor. Yvi is her nickname and she has almost grown up on the water and knows more or less all water sports activities from kite- and windsurfing, cat-sailing, wake boarding, waterskiing, surfing and sailing. She is from West Germany and started her journey from Egypt to the Maledives, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Thailand and Malaysia to the fare-east. Her next stop is Boracay.Welcome to Funboard Center Boracay, Yvi!