Boracay's best accommodation

Submitted by Simone on Fri, 02/21/2014 - 15:28

As mentioned the last time, today we want to draw your attention on some accommodation on Boracay. Of course we picked first of all resorts, apartments and hotels on Bulabog Beach and hope we can provide you with a good selection for all kind of budgets: The main advantage at Bulabog Beah compare to the White Beachh is the easy access to the Kite-and Windsurf scenery, as well as a quite evening ambience and a permanent light breeze replacing any aircon. Last but not least the amazing sunset for all early birds!



BBQ at Union Beach

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You have reached your destination!  After a long beach walk we suddenly catch the first kite school like an oasis in the desert. They are placed between shady palmtrees close to the shore made out of bamboo and palmleaves. The lovley garden invites to chill out and a huge green field offers space for resting and avoids any sand in your kite gear. Slightly exhausted and thirsty we can't wait to get the first St. Miguel beer and we launch into the small bar.





Boracay Island

Boracay - in the daytime

Enjoy sunset drinks, dinner and further activities as diving or long walks at White Beach.

The tropical island Boracay is located in the northern part of the provence Aklan and is one of the most favourite travel destinations in the Philippines. The White Beach is voted for many times as one the top ten beaches in the world. At White Beach you can enjoy a great variety of different kinds of sport or entertainment as diving, sailing, snorkeling, frisbee or just walking along the beach.


Kitesurfing lessons on White Beach

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