The best beaches on Boracay Island

Submitted by Simone on Sat, 01/18/2014 - 05:10

White Beach auf Boracay Island gehört zu den schönsten Stränden der Welt.White Beach ist nur einer der schönsten Strände auf Boracay Island.







As already mentioned in the last time we want to offer you a brief insight about the best and most interesting beaches on Boracay in this blog. There is just so much more to discover beside the spectacular White Beach with all its restaurants, bars and clubs and the Bulabog Beach which makes every wind- and kitesurfers heart beat faster. Here are the top 3 of the Funboard Center Crew:
Pukka Shell Beach is definitely not a secret spot anymore, but still this beach is much quieter and moreremote than White Beach. Reachable via Tricycle or for example also with a bike this beach is in the very north of the island. The name of this beach refers already to one of the highlights: Philippinos are making beautiful necklaces, bracelets or anklets out of the tiny shells which can be found pretty much everywhere on Pukka Shell Beach. Once landed on Pukka Shell Beach one can easily explore the small neighbouring bays, so even if it is very busy over there, someone can still find a quiet place to relax.
For those who even find it too busy on Pukka Shell Beach, there is just Ilig-Iligan Beach nearby, reachable with the tricycle in 5 minutes in south easterly direction. Most of the time you will just find some locals there. A lot of palm trees provide you with shade; pure Robinson Crusoe feeling. Be aware that there is no infrustracture at all, so be sure to take enough water with you.
On the other side oft he island in the south east you will find Tambisaan Beach, one of the most popular beaches among the locals. Reason for that is a small bordering village where you can buy also some food and drinks. The water is shimmering turquoise-green and invites for snorkeling trips. Some small islands nearby, as Crocodil Island with the silhuette of a sleeping reptil, will provide a beautiful scenery for taking pictures. This is definitely the right choice if you want to spend a day without other tourist and want to get close to Philippinian way of life.Now you know everything about the beaches on Boracay. In the next edition we want to give you an insight about nice places to stay on the island.