Photo report: YOGA-CAMP++ March 2015

Submitted by Simone on Sat, 03/21/2015 - 08:47

The second YOGA-Camp++ was an outstanding event and has pleasesd all participants. The Camp keeps you activ without getting stressed and focus in first instance on your kite-and windsurfing classes. But some loves to do all and started the day with an early sunrise yoga meditation and have been perfectly prepared for the first kite- or windsurfing lesson. Some even doesn't like the water and joined only the Yoga classes or chilled out at the beach with a fresh Mango-shake watching their friends successfully riding on the board.

Daily IKO-Kite courses from Level 1 to 3 at Funboard Center Boracay with multilingual Kite-Instructor.Sunset cruise during the YOGA-CAMP++ at White Beach of Boracay Island.Kitesurfing courses for beginner and advamced riders at Funboard Center Boracay. Chilling-at-Bulabog-Beach-after-kitesurfing-lessons-at-Funboard-Center-BoracaySunrise-Yoga at Bulabog Beach for all early birds before your first Kite-or windsurfing lesson.The YOGA-CAMP++ includes windsurfing lessons, daily yoga classes, SUP and Island hoping.