Wave Kiteboarding in the Philippines

Submitted by Simone on Sun, 08/23/2015 - 07:50

Wind und Wellen Kiten auf den Philippinen mit Simon am Funbaord Center BoracayNew at Funboard Center Boracay, but not new at Bulabog Beach!!! Simon is an ocean and watersports enthusiast - happiest in and on the water. He is coming from a wave surfing background in Durban South Africa and started kitesurfing from the very beginning, when kite safety systems were very rudimentary. We have met Simon already in 2004 at our surf center on Boracay. Wave riding is his greatest passion and kites are a fantastic way to get towed into some juicy waves. He has been teaching on and off from 2000 and owned a kite school in Switzerland. From December 2015 onwards Simon will work at Funbaord Center Boracay and will teach all Newbies how to use a directional board as well as new skills and techniques to ride the waves.