The new freeride board from Gaastra at Funboard Center Boracay

Submitted by Admin on Sat, 08/23/2014 - 23:19

The new BLEND from GAASTRA is not only looking good, but ensure to cut a quite good figure of the kiteboarder themselves. Effortless riding comes from it's smooth rocker line and wide stance that gives unmatched performance fun. The soft flex and perfect outline combined with the proven rail shapes make this board one of the most comfortable freerider you have ever ridden. The 6cm fins let you carve nice turns and gives a solid grip even in choppy water to boost big airs and land softly and with style!. The single shot wood construction is well proven in the durability department and the core with high density foam saves weight and ensures a perfect flex. The “easy scoop” rocker is optimized for easy planing and control. This crossover shape and outline combines freeride, freestyle and cruising in one awesome board. Already early november the Blend is available in two size of 135 and 145 cm at Funboard Center Boracay.