With a lot of wind into 2014 at Bulabog Beach!

Submitted by Simone on Sat, 12/28/2013 - 14:21

We had some nice Christmas holidays and are now looking forward to the next couple of days here on Boracay. A short view in Windguru speaks volumes: After the last few days with light wind only this is just pure pleasure for all kitesurfers and windsurfers at Bulabog Beach. The impact of typhoon Haiyan is reduced to a minimum: Only some brownouts occur once in a while, but that is pretty much everything. Finally there is no more reason left not to spend holidays on Boracay. The wind usually blows until end of March and if there is really one day where you can’t go out on the water, you could easily take adavantage of the sun sets at famous White Beach, diving at Crocodile Island or just explore the island with many other spectacular beaches. You will find more on that on our next blog. Who is still thinking of escaping the cold winter just comes to visit us at Funboard Center. Already now we wish you a happy new year, see you soon on Boracay.