Lords of the wind: A new Speed Windsurfing Record has been set

Submitted by Simone on Thu, 11/29/2012 - 14:42

Windsurfers ahead: Antoine Albeau, the French windurfing speed master, has almost reached the classic mark of 100km/h ( 53,99knots) over a 500m course and has set a new Speed Windsurfing Record of 96,39 km/h on the 9th day of the 2012 Luderitz Speed Challenge in Namibia. He has now three more days to reach the barrier.

On the 3rd of December the competition gets even more exciting as the kiteboarders will take over. It’s not only about to break the world records, but to see if the kiteboarders will left the windsurfers behind.... Only 6.56 knots separate the two most exciting sailors.