KTA Philippines Boracay Extreme 2014

Submitted by Simone on Fri, 02/28/2014 - 10:04

kta- Kiteboard Tour Asia an der Bulabog Beach auf Boracay Island.
Formula Kitesurfen nur so zum Spaß am Funboard Center Boracay.







This season Funboard Center Boracay has been very close to the Kitboard Tour Asia, the KTA Philippines Boracay Extrem...  at Bulabog Beach, Kite Instructor Glynn and Station-manager Simone, multiply winner of the International Funboard Cup in Boracay, went shoulder on shoulder with up to 80 international kiteboarders from all over the world to the 5th round of this event... more than 40 kitesurfers gathered at the starting line at the south end of Bulabog Beach and were waiting for the first flag going down for the twin-tip race. Up to the first buoye we are just talking about going up-wind. It's not about the best kite-equipment nor the best speed. Who can keep the smallest angel to the wind, but the biggest pain in the quadriceps is the winner... The lap to the second buoye looks quite relaxing, as long as you do not get tangled with any of the pro-rider already heading back. Done! Just go "Downwind" all the way to the finishing line. Sounds quite enjoyable, but it's not! This time your other leg is burning like hell! And that was just the beginning... Glynn could bravly mamaged to get 19th in the allover ranking. Well done! With the biggest respect to all participants, Simone has given up and went back to windsurfing and fun-kiteboarding. Cobbler, stick to your last!