Homage to our local kite and windsurfers from Bulabog

Submitted by Simone on Tue, 01/06/2015 - 13:54

Kiteboarder Glynn and windsurfer Gordon rescue a New Year's swimmer at Bulabog Beach
After a risk undertaking, kiteboarder Glynn brings the swimmer to the save spot in Bulabog beach.
Happy to see kiteboarder, windsurfer and the swimmer safley back at Bulabog Beach.








This is to pay homage to our local kiteborder Glynn from Funboard Center Boracay and Gordon Gelito, one of Philippines National Teamriders in windsurfing. Both did a great job when a promenader found out that a swimmer was caught in the waves close to the reef on New Year's Day. Bulabog Beach was still sleeping, just the wind has blown more than 28 knots and created huge waves on the reef. We hardly could see the head of the New Year's swimmer. With the 6m kite and 4m sail the local riders were overpowered, but did not hesitate one second to save the guy, who might has underestimate the strength of the rip curl. Tears in my eyes when I saw the two boys fighting with the waves and strong wind, but able to manage pulling out the guy and bring him back on shore. Thanks Ms. Promenader, Glynn and Gordon to save a human life.