Bulabog Beach and Funboard Center Boracay has been untroubled by the Typhoon Haiyan

Submitted by Simone on Wed, 11/13/2013 - 16:27

We'd like to thanks all of you for your good thoughts, wishes and offer to help. Luckily Boracay, White and Bulabog Beach could master one of the most powerful storms on record - named " Haiyan" or  "Yolanda" by Philippine authorities. The most legendary White Beach has almost been untouched. Everyone has been warned early enough and could secure their places, houses or other belongings as kite and windsurfing equipment a day before. Most of the wind-and kitesurfing schools at Bulabog had evacuated the complete gear, protect all windows with wooden panel and fixed the roof with fishing net. The team of Funboard center Boracay did a great job and  removed more than 30 surfboards, unriged more th 30 sails, tied all roofs with fishnet and changed the surf school within 1 day to a ghost town. With a positive belief and a big smile our local wind-and kitsurf instructors were ready to fight the monster.

Funbaord Center Boracay has been temporary evacuated to be secured when Haiyan hits Bulabog Beach.Funboard Center Boracay evacuates all kite and windsurf equipment to the second level.The team from Funboard Center Boracay did a great job and is quite confident.