Kitesurfing in paradise

Submitted by Simone on Sun, 03/30/2014 - 08:22

On kite-safari with Funboard Center Boracay to Seco Island, Philippines.

Turquoise-blue, flat water. Constant, strong wind. No other kitesurfer on the water? Not Possible? It is possible… Kite-Instructor of the Funboard Center Crew were leaving Boracay with some intermediate students for an outstanding Kitesafari to Seco Island. With all kite gear packed we head to mainland in the early morning to reach Culasi by bus. On the local market we quickly buy fresh food for the following days. And finally we are all on a boat, wich brings us to a kiter’s dream spot: Seco Island. An island only 400m in length and 200m in broad; Pure White Beach feeling and the best: We are completely alone. The hassle getting there payed off after only five minutes on the water. Exhaustless we are kiting far after sunset, just to be stopped by the darkness oft he night. In the evening we are sitting together watching the bonfire and eating delecious fish, chicken, fruits and of course rice. On day two we all wake up very early underneath our tent, the sun is already quiet strong and warms our cold bodies from the night. We are gaining energy very fast again due to a wonderful breakfast which has been already prepared. Milk, cereals, eggs, bacon everything you need is there, only the coffee has been forgotten by somebody. Anyway, this doesn’t matter, we just want to hit the water again. It turned out to be another wonderful sunny and windy day and everybody enjoyed the time on the water. Some even don’t have enough in the evening. Fullmoon kiting? Why not actualy? And there we go, we are turning the night into day until we fall asleep completely exhausted wrapped in our blankets. On day three there is again time for another short session and then the packing starts again. Boracay welcomes us again seven hours later. Once arrived everybody has the same thoughts on his mind: As beautiful it is on Bulabog Beach: I will do the next trip to Seco as well.

Kitesurfers enjoy the flat water on Seco-Island.
Kite Safari from Boracay to Seco Island from on the outrigger.