KTA Boracay 2013 - Women's final placing

Submitted by Simone on Sun, 04/07/2013 - 15:07

Boracay-Philippinen-1st Place- before-Japan-and Thailand-at-KtaKathrin Borgwardt could finish first on this year's Kta Kiteboard Tour Asia on Boracay followed by Thailand and Japan. She has chosen Boracay to her second home and has entered almost all kitesurfing competition in Asia since the foundation of Kta-Asian Kiteboard Championship Tour. Many local and new blood kiteboarders have been inspired by her unlimited enthusiasm and put their feet into the professional kiteboarding career.


Funboard Center Boracay and Kiteschool Darss join Kitesurfing and Yoga.The Funboard Center Boracay and Kathrin celebrate theirs 10th jubilee on Boracay Island. The storry of Funboard Center Boracay has started in 2003 with Windsurfing and expanded within a short time to a multifunctional watersport center including Kitesurfing, SUP, Yoga and a Coffee-Shop. Kathrin is a passionate kitesurfer and has started as the first femal kite-instructor in Boracay. She runs since many years  " Surfer's Home", a small resort at Bulabog Beach. Additionally she organizes Kite-Safaris, SUP- and Trekkingtours on the Philippines. This April the Kite-and Windsurfseason comes to an end and during the summer break Simone from Funboard Center and Kathrin arrange with the Kiteschool Darss the first Kite and Yoga -Event in Germany. For next October we have new events on Boracay in mind......