Richard Andeson, kiteboarder at Funboard Center Boracay 2013

Had decided I wanted to learn kiteboarding without really knowing what to expect. Well it was fantastic. Kiteboarding itself is a terrific new challenge, the adrenaline of standing up and cruising within a few short days of instruction is a great thrill and personal satisfaction. Simone and her funboard centre is the perfect place to learn. Located at the end of the beach, it has an ideal protected area (from other boarders) get the hang of it and the teaching is both fun and safety conscious. I also have to complement the amazing café on sight which makes a great before and after lesson hang-out. I could not recommend the combination of kiteboarding + funboard centre + Boracay any more highly. Try it!!


Simply excellent!... if you are looking for a place where you can just enjoy what you love the most, watersports, then this is the place you have to go to. Best quality meets expertise, all wrapped up in a family-like vibe!!!

Laid back, helpful and first rate teaching setup. Highly recommend! Simone and her team of windsurfing and kitesurfing instructions are top class.

Couldn't ask for more! Super friendly and knowledgable staff with a nice selection of new gear. Perfectly located also upwind of all the other schools so water in front is much less crowded. Couldn't ask for a better place to learn.

Awesome kiteschool Funboard Center is located on a perfect, quiet spot on Bulabog beach. We stayed at their cozy apartment for longer than we'd planned. Super friendly crew and superb food. Professional and fun kiteboard instructors will get you on the board quickly. We had a really great time!

Fun Family Safety with a Warm Spirit! This is a warm welcoming centre offering exceptional windsurfing and kitesurfing instruction, brand new and well maintained equipment, yoga classes specific for every ones needs and healthy home made food as you will get hungry out on Bulaboga's beautiful blue waters.

Peace finally! Spent a week in Boracay at Funboard and felt so sad when I left that after a few days I changed my flights and returned for one more week, this pretty much summarizes my experience!

Wind and Kite surf paradise! In bulabog, the most upwind place, very flat and away from the crowd, a perfect place to learn as well as practice your jumps!... I will definitely come back - I know the wind will be there but keep the same menu :)!

I found my love for kitesurfing again, here at Funboard Centre Boracay! You can usually feel the vibe/atmosphere of a place as soon as you walk in and that I did, this was one of chilled, friendly, non judgmental, happy and helpful.

"Yoga Kite Camp- AMAZING!" Perfect week thanks very much, hope to be back soon!